published and forthcoming

1.  optimal dynamic contracting: the first-order approach and beyond (w/ battaglini), 2019  [ssrn] [online appendix] forthcoming in theoretical economics
2. an economic partnership for twenty first-century asia (w/ kapur), chapter in an edited volume, 2016, oxford university press.
3. the coal saga: the imminent and the feasible (w/ bhandari), 2013 [pdf] economic and political weekly

under revision

4. a theory of dynamic contracting with financial constraints (w/ krasikov), september 2019  [ssrn] [online appendix] resubmitted to journal of economic theory
5. dynamism with incommensurate development: the distinctive indian model (w/ subramanian), july 2019 [pdf] revision requested at journal of economic perspectives
6. rationalizing dynamic choices (w/ de oliveira), march 2019 [ssrn] [slides] revision requested at econometrica


7.  implications of unequal discounting in dynamic contracting (w/ krasikov & mettral), september 2019  [ssrn]

in progress

8. efficiency with(out) intermediation in repeated bilateral trade, august 2019  [ssrn] 
9. on dynamic pricing (w/ krasikov),  november 2018 [pdf] [slides]
10. treasury auctions during a crisis (w/ gupta), [updated draft coming soon] [slides] [old version, nov 2017]
11. the water gap: environmental effects of agricultural subsidies in india (w/ chatterjee & zaveri),  [extended abstract]
12. dynamic payoff equivalence and efficient mechanism design,  [in progress]
13. perverse consequences of conditional incentives where state capacity is low (w/ spears), nov 2013  [pdf]

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